Nature as portal to leadership

Leadership is an inner process that manifests itself in the outer world. The trail enables you to (re-)connect with that inner world and to what is really important to you. This results in being more balanced, focus and energy towards the future.  This site gives you an impression what a trail looks like, but when you are truly interested we invite you to contact us. We can have a call or go for a walk in the woods and we tell you all about the programme and how it can support your leadership. The trails are organized together with  the Foundation for Natural Leadership.

In 2022 we organise the following leadership programme:
SWISS ALPS  from 8-12 June 2022

Contact us for the brochure or for more information

Corporate trail

Besides the individual trails there is also the possibility to organise an incompany trail with individuals from your organisation. As part of a leadership program or with a (management) team. Please contact us if you want to explore the possibilities.